Power factor is the ratio between the kW and the kVA drawn by an electrical load where the kW is the actual load power and the kVA is the apparent load power

The power factor in an electrical system is reduced as more inductive load is applied into that system. The PFC unit automatically connects suitably sized switched capacitors into the power distribution circuit and the Power Factor is improved (closer to unity PF= 1)

The benefits of having a good power factor are

• Reduction of electricity bills
• Extra kVA available from the existing supply
• Reduction of voltage drop in long cables.
• Extended equipment life
• Reduced electrical burden on cables & equipment
• Reduction of power

Regular inspection and servicing of this equipment is essential as equipment failure can lead to fires within the units which could have devastating and costly results.

Nelvin Electrical will carry out a thorough inspection of your power factor units. We will ensure that the controller is set up correctly and that the capacitors are functioning correctly.

We are also able to carry out a full service and repairs to the PFC system.