Infrared Thermography is a method of using an Infrared Camera for inspecting. The Infrared Thermal camera records the intensity of radiation emitted from objects in the infrared part of the electromagnetic Spectrum. This radiation is not visible to the naked eye. The camera converts it to a visible image which we can use as a predictive/preventative maintenance tool. It helps a Trained Thermographer identify and prevent faults prematurely before catastrophic failure. Regular thermography inspections prevent unwanted costly breakdowns and repairs.

Thermography is an extremely effective and very unique inspection method as its non-destructive and non-intrusive, meaning inspections can be conducted while plant and equipment is fully operational.Thermographic inspections are essential for preventative maintenance programs.

Infrared Thermography can be used in numerous fields, the most common being:

  • Electrical (electrical panels, switchboards , power lines, equipment) ,
  • Mechanical ( motors, gearboxes, bearings, conveyors)
  • Buildings ( heat/cooling losses, insulation breakdown, leakage)
  • Pipe work Tanks (leakages. Blockages, levels )

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