Inspection on Distribution Switch boards and Motor control panels is an essential and important part of Electrical safety and Compliance.

The AS/NZS 3000, covers many of the Regulations about electrical installations state that “Licensed electricians must test all new electrical installations and any modifications to existing installations, including repairs, before putting them into service or use”. This is to verify that the installations comply with the requirements of the Australian Standard where applicable.

Testing Electrical Installations

When testing an electrical installation for compliance all parts of the installation, such as switchboards, sub-mains or outbuildings, must be inspected and tested for a full verification of the installation. Some of the inspections Nelvin Electrical will carry out on Switch boards, Distribution Boards & Motor Control Centers (MCC’s) are:

  • A thorough visual Inspection will involve inspecting at the switch board panel condition, wiring, doors & locks and distribution board legend.
  • We will also carry out an Infrared Thermography Inspection to detect any thermal anomalies.
  • An earth loop impedance test will be carried out.
  • Statutory RCD Testing.