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Specialist Services

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography is a method of using an Infrared Camera for inspecting. The Infrared Thermal camera records the intensity of radiation emitted from objects in the infrared part of the electromagnetic Spectrum. This radiation is not visible to the naked eye. The...

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Power Factor Correction Testing

Power factor is the ratio between the kW and the kVA drawn by an electrical load where the kW is the actual load power and the kVA is the apparent load power The power factor in an electrical system is reduced as more inductive load is applied into that system. The...

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Distribution Boards

Inspection on Distribution Switch boards and Motor control panels is an essential and important part of Electrical safety and Compliance. The AS/NZS 3000, covers many of the Regulations about electrical installations state that “Licensed electricians must test all new...

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Compliance and Testing

Test and Tag

Test & Tag (Portable Appliance Testing) The AS/NZS 3760 is the Australian Standard that provides guidelines and regulations for the Test and Tag with regards to electrical safety of appliances. It sets our recommendations to issues such as test and tag intervals,...

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Residual Current Device (RCD)- Safety Switches

Residual Current Device (RCD) testing requirement for electrical equipment are covered under AS/NZS 3760:2010 & AS/NZS 3012:2010 standards.  An RCD (Residual Current Device) is a safety device that disconnects an electrical circuit when it detects an imbalance of...

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Emergency Exits and Smoke Detectors

Australian Standard AS/NZS 2293.2 1995 relates to inspection and maintenance of Emergency & Evacuation lighting for buildings. Emergency lighting is an essential service that is quite often forgotten, until an accident or catastrophe happens in the event the power...

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Microwave oven leakage testing

This is a very simple and relatively cheap inspection service which is becoming very popular to prevent any injuries caused by microwave radiation leakage. AS/NZS 60335.2.25 is the Electrical Regulations which cover Microwave Oven Leakage Testing. Industry employers...

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